Jah'rakal the Troll Warlord Dota Hero, The guide

Jah'rakal the Troll Warlord

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    Table of Contents
      I. Introduction
      A. Pros and Cons
      B. The Troll's Role in the Team
      C. Statistics

      II. The Power of Troll
      A. Skills Info
      B. Items Info

      III. On to the build
      A. Skill Build
      B. Core Item Build
      C. Levels 1-10
      D. Levels 11-15
      E. Levels 16-20
      F. Levels 21-25
      G. Other Item
      IV. Hero and Item Analysis
      A. Good Supporting Heroes
      B. Good Supporting Items
      C. Tough Enemy Heroes
      D. Tough Enemy Items
      E. Easy Heroes to Kill

      V. FRAPS Clips
      A. Recommended Replay
      L. League Replay
      P. Public Replays
      M. 1v0 Replays

I. Introduction
    I started this guide a really, really long time ago because there was only 1 guide out at the time for Troll and I didn't like how he presented him. Through many updates and versions (my old guide was @v2.0) I've finally come to (I hope) the best possible way to play and explain Troll. The build is slow, with not too much straining on farming all the time, as the last 5 levels I ask just for 2,200 gold farmed.
├A. Pros and Cons┤
  • Huge Late Game Potential
  • Strong Anti-Orbwalking Skill
  • Ranged (500)
  • Fastest attacking hero late game.
  • Easy animation.
  • #1 Target of Disables
  • Low hit points
  • No harassing skill of his own.
  • Low movement speed. (280.)
├B. Trolls Role in the Team┤

Troll's role is to survive until late game while being able to farm. Once at that stage, his role is to take out a hero as fast as possible using his extremely fast attack speed to inflict as much damage as possible. It's pretty simple really.

Some people think he needs extreme late game with many tier 3-4 items, but they are extremely wrong. All Troll needs is some sort of damage, health, and a BKB. If you can achieve this, then all you have to do is follow your team and focus on one hero. Then move on to the next, etc. Troll works better with massive disables, for he has none of his own and it would be best if someone could hold the hero while Troll kills it.

Besides late game though, Troll is not a ganking hero. Instead, he should be let to creep neutrals and farm and deny his lane in peace. There should never be a reason for Troll to leave his lane to go kill. Instead, let the ganking heroes come to your lane.

├C. Statistics┤

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Note that the basic movement speed is 280. Troll would attack after 1.7 seconds, if he had no agility and items to boost his attack speed (so this his base attack speed). His stats gains are the following: STR 2.2, AGI 2.75, INT 1.0.

II. The Power of Troll

├A. Skills Info┤

Berserker’s Rage

IPB Image
Jah'rakal goes berserk, using his throwing axes as melee weapons. He gains bonus damage, movement speed, attack speed, hit points, armor, and the Bash ability, but can only attack at melee range.

All levels grant:
  • 100 Max HP
  • 27 Minimum Damage
  • 12 Maximum Damage
  • 20 MS
  • Increased Base Attack Speed (From 1.8 to 1.6)
  • 2 Armor
Level 1 - Bash has a 5% chance to deal 25 bonus damage and stun for 2 seconds. (costs 50 MP, cool down 00)
Level 2 - Bash has a 5% chance to deal 50 bonus damage and stun for 2 seconds. (costs 50 MP, cool down 00)
Level 3 - Bash has a 10% chance to deal 25 bonus damage and stun for 2 seconds. (costs 50 MP, cool down 00)
Level 4 - Bash has a 10% chance to deal 50 bonus damage and stun for 2 seconds. (costs 50 MP, cool down 00)

Kleech: "A very touchy skill, as you gain tons of bonuses but you must go melee form. As a rule of thumb, if you are with creeps and a enemy hero, this should NOT be on. Only turn this on when running away (+20 movement speed, it's something.), fighting a hero 1v1 (Bashes do happen, even at 5%), or neutral creeping. (Bashes and all bonuses help.)


IPB Image
A searing light blinds the vision of a target enemy unit, making it miss on some attacks.
Lasts 15 seconds.

Level 1 - Misses on 15% of attacks. (costs 20 MP, cool down 8)
Level 2 - Misses on 24% of attacks. (costs 20 MP, cool down 8)
Level 3 - Misses on 33% of attacks. (costs 20 MP, cool down 8)
Level 4 - Misses on 42% of attacks. (costs 20 MP, cool down 8)

Kleech: "The butter of my skill build. This is an AMAZING skill of Troll. At level 2 with its low mana cost it should be getting casted on heroes. By level 4, you reduce their farming ability, harassing ability, denying ability, and killing ability by 42%!"

Fervor Aura

IPB Image
Passively increases the attack speed of all nearby friendly units.

Level 1 - Increases attack speed by 05%. (300 AoE)
Level 2 - Increases attack speed by 15%. (300 AoE)
Level 3 - Increases attack speed by 20%. (300 AoE)
Level 4 - Increases attack speed by 30%. (300 AoE)

Kleech: "This is the overrated skill of Troll. "LOL 30% IAS! MAX FasT!" Well, sure, if it wasn't for the fact your creeps get the same 30% IAS. Because they do, they push faster onto your opponent’s side, which leaves you open to ganks. In the end they will be pushing to his tower ALOT, which just gives him free experience and counteracts your amazing blind."


IPB Image
Jah'rakal goes into a feral rampage, increasing his attack and movement speeds.

Level 1 - Increases attack speed by 40% and movement speed by 07%. (costs 100 MP, cool down 90)
Level 2 - Increases attack speed by 80% and movement speed by 09%. (costs 150 MP, cool down 80)
Level 3 - Increases attack speed by 120% and movement speed by 11%.(costs 205 MP, cool down 70)

Kleech: "This skill was nice to have before the animation change, but now it's so cool! Troll's hands turn to fire of the sorts and attacks really fast. With an extremely fast CD, you can use this to run away, neutral creep, or fight a hero."

├B. Items Info┤
    IPB ImageBracer | (515)
    Made of: Gauntlet of Strength (150) + Circlet of Nobility (185) + Recipe (175)
    +3 To all Attributes
    +3 Extra points to Strength

    IPB ImageHand of Midas | (2010)
    Made of: Gloves of Haste (610) + Recipe (1400)
    +30% Increased Attack Speed
    100 second cool down Transmute ability.

    IPB ImageBoots of Speed | (500)
    Made of: Boots of Speed (500)
    +50 Movement speed

    IPB ImageBracer | (515)
    Made of: Gauntlet of Strength (150) + Circlet of Nobility (185) + Recipe (175)
    +3 To all Attributes
    +3 Extra points to Strength

    IPB ImageStygian Desolator | (3800)
    Made of: Mithril Hammer (1610) + Mithril Hammer (1610) + Recipe (1200)
    +60 Damage
    +Reduces Opponents armor by 6 for 3 seconds

    IPB ImageBlack King Bar | (3800)
    Made of: Ogre Axe (1000) + Broadsword (1200) + Recipe (1600)
    +10 Strength
    +18 Damage
    +10 second avatar which makes the hero immune to all magic.
III. On to the build
    ├A. Skill Build┤
      Beserker's Rage: 1, 23-25
      Fervor Aura: 12-15
      Blind: 2, 3, 5, 7
      Rampage: 6, 11, 16
      Attribute Bonuses: 4, 8-10, 17-22
    ├B. Core Item Build┤
      3 Ancient Tango of Essifation & 5* Ironwood Branches (525)
      Hand of Midas (2010)
      Bracer (515)
      Boots of Speed (500)
      Mithril Hammer (1610)x2 *See Strategy*
      Stygian Desolator Recipe -> Stygian Desolator (1200)
      Black King Bar (3800)
      Total Cost: 11770
├C. Levels 1-10┤

IPB Image
    Skill order

    Level 01 | Beserker's Rage
    Level 02 | Blind
    Level 03 | Blind
    Level 04 | Attribute Bonuses
    Level 05 | Blind
    Level 06 | Rampage
    Level 07 | Blind
    Level 08 | Attribute Bonuses
    Level 09 | Attribute Bonuses
    Level 10 | Attribute Bonuses

    Item order

    Tangos x3 (240)
    Ironwood Branches x5 (285)
    Midas (2010)
    Bracer (515)
    Boots (500)

Start off the game and buy your Tangos and Ironwood branches. If you are playing -ar, grab a chicken unless someone else did and shared control. Troll will take heavy harass, and Tangos with +7 hit points a second give you the perfect regeneration for that. Branches are the best cost-effective item in the game, and they are cheap enough to always have money to buy / sell them.

Head off to the second tower. The second one is not the one closest to the lane, but before that. I usually go middle, but any lane is really fine for Toll. Solo is pretty much needed because it makes farming and denying a hell of a lot easier.

When picking your lane, try and compare the heroes to the level of the game. In public games, usually the ganking hero will solo while nukers go mid. In higher level games, a strong ranged hero will solo middle while the lanes are paired up 1 melee 1 ranged. Heroes who need more help get paired with the nukes. This way, you can judge where YOU should go. Try and avoid the nukers, and take advantage of any melee hero.

So when you call your solo lane, CALL IT WITH ATTITUDE. Even if it's middle lane (Check before going, if there are nukers, don't go.), anyone who questions your amazing power of soloness should be shot. Flame, scream, tell them they suck, you're pro, go away, anything you can think of. This strategy is called "Screaming until you get what you want." Repeat if necessary on buying a chicken, sharing a chicken, or buying wards for that SA that keeps killing your ass.

Now, when the creeps spawn, walk in front of them in melee mode. Every few seconds, stop. The creeps should kind of crash into you and slow down. Rinse and repeat. This is called creep stalling. It brings the creeps closer to you so your opponent has a harder time last hitting, and gives you an easier time. If you are bottom on Sent or top on Scourge, it's your decision whether you should or shouldn't. If you do, you get experience faster and they can't farm the first wave. Yet, you will be pushing to them when the 2nd wave hits. Or you don't, and you gain the experience at the same time. Don't forget to go back into ranged once the creeps clash!

When you are at your lane, stay around the ranged creep and pace around it for a bit. When a creep gets low on hit points (Hold ALT to see) attack them. The same goes for your own creeps. This is called last hitting and denying. If you deny (kill your creeps) the other team doesn't gain as much experience. For more information, please check

Also I encourage you to download This program shows the hit points of your creeps / towers / heroes, enemies, and neutrals. Just turn it on before you play (or when you do) and it will show the creep bars for you. Also, another program that allows you to hotkey inventory + show creep bars can be found , don't worry, the program is in English.) The only problem with this one is that some times the HP bars will go away, and you have to manually do it.

Last hitting and denying is extremely easy with Troll, as there isn't that much animation and the axe throws pretty fast. Also with your stats you should be getting better as it goes along.

For these levels, play it safe. Starting at level 3, cast blind on a hero. You want them to always be blinded as much as possible, as it stops their farming/denying/harassing. If all goes well, around 14 minutes in you should have Midas completed. Continue to beg and cry to the person who bought a chicken but didn't share with you. If he still won't, stick around your lane until you have the money for both Midas + chicken.

Grabbing boots and bracers shouldn't be hard to farm at all, considering you have Midas to help you out. Hug your tower, and don't go for many kills. If a hero does run at you, toggle on melee, blind them, and ulti. They should either fall back, fight, or just LOLNUKEYOUDIE. Run from the last one. Also, try and start fights at your tower.. I know that sounds hard, but people do tower dive, and that's where your best bet is. Stay defensive, and farm and deny.

├D. Levels 11-15┤

IPB Image
    Skill order

    Level 11 | Rampage
    Level 12 | Fervor Aura
    Level 13 | Fervor Aura
    Level 14 | Fervor Aura
    Level 15 | Fervor Aura

    Item order

    Mithril Hammer (1610)
    Mithril Hammer (1610)

This is the time of the game where your chicken is needed. So, as already suggested, flame/spam/beg/buy your own until you get one. I would suggest buying your own right now though, because they'll be pissed off because you use the chicken a lot. Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is this is the point in the game you should be neutral creeping the most. You've started to get your aura, and if you go into lanes too much you'll end up pushing which will open you to ganks. So, neutral creeping is the way to go.

What makes Troll so well fit to neutral creep is that he can survive and farm fast in them. Blind the creep you aren't hitting, melee form every creep (and stay melee, for you need to move around the creeps fast) and use your ultimate whenever you want. Appear from time to time in your lane/ a lane, farm the creeps, and go back in. With your aura however, start denying the creeps @50% hit points, yet last hit when they are low. This is the best shot you have at counteracting your aura, and generally will keep the creeps closer to you.


There is no way to stress this part more. Every game is different. No 2 games are alike. As such, don't think you should be buying desolator every game. All Troll needs is some sort of damage, and each item can be built according to the game. He's a very adaptable hero, and you should play him as such.

Other Items to buy include..
  • Divine Rapier + Aegis: If your team looks like it can hold out for a greater portion of the game, yet doesn't have ANY late game, you might want to think about carrying them. Note they'll have to hold 4v5 until you can farm at least Relic, and maybe even the whole Rapier package.
  • Monkey King Bar: If there is even one channeler who is causing your team trouble, you should probably buy MKB. The ministuns are great with your attack speed, and it gives good damage too.
  • Maelstorm: If your team is going for an early push strategy or AoE kind of team and you were the idiot to pick Troll, Maelstorm is probably a good choice. With your huge DPS it will procreate a lot, and it will help pushing lanes too.
  • Radiance + Heart: This is the other "carry" build out there. This is if you don't think your team can hold out long enough for Rapier, or you can't handle Rapier and think you will die too much. Heart works wonders with Radiance as people want to kill you when you buy it.
  • Desolator: Yes, my own item will be brought up. This item is GREAT on Troll, but you really need smart teammates. If your teammates aren't focusing a hero, you can't do much good, and your orb goes to waste.
  • Diffusal Blade: If there are heroes such as Omniknight or Warlock in your game, you'll probably want to consider Diffusal. Though I don't recommend you upgrade it to Manta, the purges are always helpful and provide you with a handy slow you can always use.
  • Sange and Yasha: If you've been harassed heavily, and you don't know how you'll be able to farm 1,000 let alone 1,610, then S&Y is your best bet. Though it is the "noob" item, it does indeed work well with Troll as you basically get a free slow from it. You can also use the movement speed and health bonuses.
So, you aren't held to just Desolator. Figuring out who's going to cause the most trouble, what your team needs, what you need... It's not something I can put it words. You have to learn it yourself, but I hope it makes sense to you.

Anyway, once you've figured out the item you're working for, start making it. Abuse your chicken as much as possible by buying the items on it as soon as you can. Also, if the other team is pushing while you are creeping, have the chicken send you a flask while you run to the battle. 100 gold isn't much for staying alive and saving a tower or hero.

Backstabbing heroes can be done with Troll if seriously needed. Bottom lane on Sentinel works the best to gank, but top can be used to. Once the hero pushes down a bit, run in front behind them in melee mode and begin attacking. Having an ally stun or disable helps loads. If the hero fights, you cast blind. If he runs, you run in melee, toggle to ranged to get a hit in, and toggle back in melee to catch back up.


Introducing "Rage-Striking"

This tactic is what I call Rage-Striking. This tactic can be used when killing a hero with no disable. What you do is turn Berserker's Rage on for the added move speed, follow beside the hero, turn back into ranged form, and attack 1-3 times. You repeat this process until the hero is dead or you can back up if you think you won't kill the hero.

The point of going behind an enemy can also be used to scare them away if you are a higher level. They should back up and you should get the lane to yourself for a little while.

├E. Levels 16-20┤

IPB Image
    Skill order

    Level 16 | Rampage
    Level 17 | Attribute Bonuses
    Level 18 | Attribute Bonuses
    Level 19 | Attribute Bonuses
    Level 20 | Attribute Bonuses

    Item order

    Desolator Recipe (1200)
    Black King Bar (3800)

Once you've made Desolator (If you have decided to make it) remember to pick a hero that your team agrees to focus on. These heroes usually are weak, intelligence heroes or low hit point agility heroes. Making BKB is mandatory on Troll, for he needs to be able to give some damage without getting disabled. Don't be too trigger happy with Black King Bar though, for the cool down is disgusting and they might just bait you to use it so they can push after. Once you see all the heroes going and not just throwing potshots at each other, then you should activate BKB and your ultimate.

Which brings us to team battles. I always seem to forget, but I'm getting better at it. Whoever causes the most physical damage should be blinded with no questions asked. Blind never loses effectiveness, as it's always 42% miss. Then just take a couple of shots at the heroes, waiting for someone to lead. YOU DO NOT want to start a fight. Rather, let an initiator start, like Earthshaker, Twinheaded, or Sand King. Once someone starts the battle, activate Black King Bar and start focusing the said hero your team is going to be. Note that most ultimates WILL go through BKB, including (not limited to): Beastmaster's Roar, Bane's Grip, and Engima's Blackhole. If you won the battle (Their deaths is more than yours) then continue to push the lane, hoping to get a rax or a base tower.

Of course, what else leads to team battles besides ganks and pushes? Troll again isn't the greatest ganker and needs someone to start the gank. Also, runes are a great help to any gank, and late game doesn't change that at all. Doubling runes is possible and is devastating if you happen to get DD Haste. For more information about runes, please go to If the tower is needed, and it doesn't look like the other team is coming, be sure to abuse your ultimate cool down and take the tower out fast. I would recommend you start calling for pushes once you finish your damage item / finish your BKB. Troll doesn't need much more after BKB, and the owning can finally begin.

├F. Levels 21-25┤

IPB Image
    Skill order

    Level 21 | Attribute Bonuses
    Level 22 | Attribute Bonuses
    Level 23 | Beserker's Rage
    Level 24 | Beserker's Rage
    Level 25 | Beserker's Rage

    Item order

    Boots of Travel (2,200)
    Other Alternative Items Mentioned Later

Oh Jeeze, how ever are you going to be able to farm that much gold. I know, I know, it's going to be hard, but I think you can do it. I HAVE FAITH. This strategy really isn't any different than the last couple of levels, as it's just pushing back and forth on both teams, with a possibility of Roshan if owning. Though you've leveled up Zerker's Rage finally, I still don't recommend you use it.

After you farm up Boots of Travel, many things open up. Hopefully the rest of your team has them as well, and if not resume to your flame/spam/beg/how noob they are/ until they finally buy them. If they bought treads for the "move speed and IAS NUB STFU" well then, I'm sorry. Also these can be used if your team needs you to defend against a creep wave or a push, or help an ally getting ganked.

As for other items to make, it again depends on the game. If you need more damage, refer to Levels 11-15, as any item on there can work at any stage of the game. Just don't conflict orb effects! If you need some defensive items, either Aegis or Heart work. Aegis is more for if there are spell casters, while Heart is if there is more physical damage. If the game looks like it's going to be a long one, might as well start on that Rapier.

Hopefully you were able to adapt enough to your game where you were still useful mid game and still able to come out on top late game. I can't teach you everything on Troll, as alot of it is just knowning how to play and when to play it. Always play it safe and everything should go well.
├H. Other Items┤

Desolator > All?

NO! I tried stressing this in strategy, but it's so important I need to stress it again. Troll only needs damage and hit points. You get hit points from BKB, so damage is next. Yet, there are many other types of damage you can buy that work just as well.

Monkey King Bar: This is my most recommended item if playing in public games where there isn't any teamwork. Desolator won't be abused to nearly as much as it should be. Also this item should be bought if there are channelers on the other team to counter with your ministuns. (Which will happen ALOT)

Divine Rapier: Yes, of course if your team needs this carry then Rapier is the way to go. With your extreme attack speed no one should question if you can handle Rapier. After BKB I'd buy BoT then maybe a blink if the need arose to backdoor.

Sange and Yasha: This item is good if you are getting owned early game. Your attack speed gives you an auto maim most likely, and you could always use the move speed and health. It doesn't give you too much damage though, and it takes away from an orb. I would probably grab MKB after my build is finished if I had to buy S&Y.
QUOTE(Guide to usability of Sange and Yasha)

Sange and Yasha can work for Troll really well since it gives him decent boost to his crappy move speed and a nice increase in his HP. Combined with your attack speed your are ensured a maim which is helpful since you do not have any kind of stun or slow. YES

Diffusal Blade: Another slow, much more effective than Sange except for the fact there is only 10 charges. I would buy one if there are heroes like Warlock with Infernal or other spells that can be purged away. I don't recommend upgrading to Manta until the very end, and even then you might be better just selling it by that late game.

Radiance: If you are the ultra mega carry without Rapier, Radiance is the best item to get. Note that it does make enemies attack you with your AoE damage, so the next item is always heart.

Maelstorm: If your team is going early push / AoE centered team and you stupidly picked Troll, then Maelstorm is a good choice. It deals the most damage the faster you get it, and also synergies with the AoEness of your team. I wouldn't recommend an upgrade to it though, as you don't need the IAS.

Bashers vs. other 3,000 gold items

=O Nope! There are many other items to spend your money on besides bashers. Compared to every other item around 3.2k (Ranges from 3,000 -> 3,800) the Basher doesn't top a chart in any categories.

IPB Image

As you can see, bashers give the second best damage, but not by much. It doesn't grant you any attack speed, and in the end loses to Lothars and barely beats Diffusal. Diffusal gives you an amazing slow and debuff, while Lothars can work in pubs and Maelstorm is great for pushing. What does a basher do for you? Oh, stun someone for a second, which in turns gives yourself a stun up your arse for 2 seconds. No thanks.

Escape Items (Lothars, Blink)

Troll seems like the ideal candidate for one of these. His job it to take out a hero as fast as possible without dieing. Sort of like a Clinkz, but more power in the battle. Without an escape mechanism, it should be a top priority, no? Well, no, it shouldn't.

Lothars gives you good bonuses (+31 Dmg, +10% IAS) but it costs 3800, while most of that cash is just for the wind walk effect. For one, the wind walk is only a 9 second wind walk and it's cool down makes not too spammable. This means that you can't WW, BKB, kill one and get out. It doesn't work like that. Not only that, but wards, gems, and necronomicons are among the easy to counter items that can be bought to ruin your escape. And as such, Lothars would only be used as an escape mechanism, and nothing more. But if you have good teammates and good map sense, you should be able to dodge most of those ganks anyway.

Blink Dagger then seems like the winner. Uncounterable, escape, and a mana cost you can handle! The only problem is that Blink is used to get in position for something, or as a starting attack. You are neither. You don't want to jump in first, as you would get disabled and focused faster than you can believe. You also don't want any sort of "position" as all you have to do is run and attack. So blink is useless as well.

IV. Hero and Item Analysis

├A. Good Supporting Heroes┤

IPB Image IPB Image
Chen & Bristleback

Damage Buffers
Troll has all the damage he can want, and these guys amplify that damage. Chen increases physical attacks by 28% at level 4, and Bristleback's Goo reduces armor, which also increases the damage given. Also both come with nice slows, that always helps.

IPB Image IPB Image
Rhasta & Naga Siren

Long Disables
Troll needs a disable. I cannot stress this enough. Without disables ganks can't happen, and kills are much harder to make. With a disable, Troll can tear the hero apart freely.

IPB Image IPB Image
Twin Head Dragon & Ogre Magi

AoE Slows / Slows in General
Troll doesn't have the greatest move speed, and with no disables, heroes can merely run away as soon as he starts to fight. Slows slow down the heroes which gives Troll more time to get hits in on them. Also paired up with AoE nukes like Twin Head Dragon can give Troll more room to farm.

├B. Good supporting Items┤

Guinsoo, Refresher
Again, I'm stressing the fact about disables. Why is refresher put into here? Well, you only get refresher to double your ultimate, and usually those ultimates are disables. So, 99% of the time the hero buying a refresher will most likely be using it for more disables. YAY!

Chicken, Observer Wards
Woohoo! Anyway, the tangos are nice and all, but Troll needs more than that. He needs a good supply of flasks coming to him after he's done creeping and running to a team push/fight/etc. Also, Troll is easy to gank and you don't want to be running around with cash and no way to spend it. Also, being that big gank target, observer wards placed by your big farming intelligence heroes can save you from those ganks.

├C. Tough Enemy Heroes┤

IPB Image IPB Image
Lich & Pugna

Early Game Harassers / chain Nukers
Troll has a counter to physical harassing, but when it comes to spells he's got nothing. He can't harass back either, so that's out of the question. Later on they'll become weaker, as you gain more HP with your stats and strength gain. Though Pugna's ward doesn't do anything to you, he will adapt and go Blast/Stats or Blast/Decrep, which both still mean pain.

IPB Image IPB Image
Death Prophet and Tormented Soul

Early Push Strat
Troll needs late game to win. This is probably a sure proof plan to take him down and make him near but useless. You can't stay farming, as not many teams can hold 4v5 vs. early push. It's still a pain if you stay and defend, for you can't farm your items and really you can't do much during the battles. You'll probably want more bracers, 2-3 in this case. Bracers are always recommended if you are having trouble, for the more hit points you get the better.

IPB Image IPB Image
Queen of Pain & Venomancer

Heavy Ganking Heroes
Troll is a huge gank target because he has no escape ability besides a silly 42% blind and +20 movement speed. With the more deaths Troll gets, the more he is set back and the more he might be weak late game. Observer wards and good calling from lanes should do the trick on them. Don't play too aggressive, and neutral creep if the creeps have gone too far. (Pulling works too.)

├D. Tough Enemy Items┤

Dagon, Aghemins
Dagon and Aghemins both give your opponent stronger nukes. Troll can't do much against nukes until he gets more hit points or a BKB. They'll most likely buy this items to use against you and focus you.

Vanguard and Aegis
An early Vanguard can counter any sort of harassment you'll try to give to the hero. Also, all tanking items just means it takes longer for you to take down the hero. Best way to counter this is to not focus the tank, but if the tank plays well that's not an option. Desolator is most likely your best item choice here, to help take them down.

├E. Easy Heroes to Kill┤

IPB Image IPB Image
Necro'lic & Razor

No Reliable Escape Heroes
I hope I've stressed enough Troll should not be the ganker of the team, but if you need to go kill something to take out your anger, so be it. You'll still want to go with an ally of course. These heroes are the easiest because they have low hit points and not a reliable escape mechanism. Disable and get a quick kill. If you have enough time run in melee form first, and when they run away go ranged.

IPB Image IPB Image
Pugna & Necrolyte

Intelligence w/o disables
In team battles, there are two ways you can look at something. Take away the support heroes and leave the carry to fend for themselves, or focus the carry heroes and leave the support to hold their own. As "support" is to "support" it's better to take them out first, plus it's easier to take them out, for the carry heroes are most likely protected by the others.

├F. Suggested 5v5 Line-up┤

Ogre Magi & Twin Head Dragon | Troll | Chen & Bristleback
Early game will be Troll's weak point. Blind will keep him alive versus Viper, but be prepared to get hurt badly. Ogre Magi works has huge synergy with Troll, as Bloodlust and Rampage stack. Twin Head Dragon is great for the AoE combination, slow, and disable. Chen and Bristleback is pure ownage at bottom lane, with stun creeps, slows, and stacking quills. Bristleback is your late game tank.

Top lane has control with Ogre Magi and Twin Head Dragon. THD has a strong nuke, but good players can dodge most of them. So Ogre leads with a stun, followed by Twin's blast and Ogre's ignite. Twin is probably your best bet as far as ganking goes. It's either him or Chen, and I'd rather take Twin.

Troll goes Blind + Stats (of course) and just tries to survive. This build is your best bet versus Viper, just remember to have the chicken bring you a RoR as soon as possible. Keep Troll in middle as much as possible, unless they are pushing hard. If so, send him to neutral creeps that Chen doesn't need.
Chen starts creeping right after the first wave, and once he gets a Speed creep or a Stun creep, prepares to gank at level 3. With Bristleback's 1 level of Goo, Quills, and Petenience (which amps physical damage, which Quills are..) is GG. The threat of playing too aggressive and getting ganked gives BB room to farm. You make have heard of this combination by MiracleChipMunk and "Swissleback" aka Swissbeatz[P]. His short guide to Bristleback can be found.

V. FRAPS Clips

├L. League Replays┤

stoli_troll.w3g (map version 6.37) played by StolichanayaEdit
Attached File stoli_troll.w3g ( 826.04k )
Number of downloads: 80

IPB Image
    top: Ogre Magi and Twin Head Dragon ->Me<- Mid: Solo Troll Bot: Chen and BB Scourge: Top: Solo QoP Mid: Viper and Bane Bot: Necro and Sand King
Pregame I asked who was playing Troll, and sadly I was put off in favor of Stoli! The disgust, I know. But it was all for the better of our scrim. I know I might get flamed for posting this, but it's only for the better of the readers and in no way trying to get out this team's strat.

In the beginning (level 1-2) Stoli is literally harassed to no where’s end. Smart use of survival skills and tangos keep Stoli alive and by level 4 he was able to score first blood in his lane, as shown on the mini clip. @8 minutes we lol'd in Vent as Stoli literally whores all regen bought (RoR, RoH, + Tangos) so he can live. He scores his 2nd kill in mid with an amazing 4 misses thanks to blind, yet dies to sap.

Our Bristleback soon drops to our dismay, and their Bane leaves to even the game. (Which I really question even.. I'd take BB > Bane any day.

Anyway, Stoli skips Midas and goes straight to Deso. @36 minute on top, you can see the fine art of "Illegal Item Sharing" defined by CAL. Pers was given but not broken, meaning Pugna was given +7 damage during those creep waves. Sadly I didn't notice during the game. @38 minutes we win a key gank in my opinion. Ogre, though we bitched at him all game for not stunning, when he did was always Multicasts.

The first 5v5 team battle @43 minutes was won by us, 3 to 5. I almost escaped! As Bane was taken out and Sand King wasn't causing too much trouble Stoli skips BKB and grabs BoT instead. IMO that was the wrong choice, as QoP was giving us trouble and so were all the slows. We push mid and suicide two heroes to take out ALL aegis charges of Viper. We should have won if it wasn't for the drop by Pugna. That gold probably gave Viper a ton, as he pulled a Reaver out extremely fast.. The game is called by the end, handing it over to a Bare Rapier Viper because of time zones/schedules.
├P. Public Replays┤

troll_newguide.w3g (map version 6.38b) played by Kleech
Attached File troll_newguide.w3g ( 672.35k )
Number of downloads: 44

IPB Image
    top: Centaur and Ursa
    Mid: Solo Troll
    Bot: Syllabear and Juggernaut
    Top: Clinkz and Doom
    Mid: Beastmaster and Omniknight
    Bot: Solo Luna
I'm a really nice guy when I host my own public games... When I don't and I'm just with friends, I'm a totally different person. In this replay, I solo middle vs. BM and Omni, yet Omni soon leaves to help out bottom. I die a few careless deaths to just not really trying to dodge the axes + staying when I shouldn't. This replay shows good examples of how to flame/trashtalk until you get your solo no matter what, and how the build works if slowed down. We end up winning this pretty easily. (Ex: I finished my build 3 levels ahead in a TDA today. The replay sucked though...)

masterjoetroll.w3g (map version 6.38b) played by MasterJoe aka phattee
Attached File masterjoetroll.w3g ( 495.02k )
Number of downloads: 45

IPB Image
    top: Sniper and Magnus
    Mid: Drow and Beast Master
    Bot: Solo Luna
    Top: Troll and Leaver
    Mid: Soul Keeper and Priestess of the Moon
    Bot: Solo Night Stalker
Phantom Lancer calls top solo at the beginning, so Joe smartly goes with him. After a quick 30 seconds of complaining, the pub leaves giving Joe a glove for Midas. He finishes Midas @11, but if you don't count the glove it would have been @13 minutes instead, which is normal/a bit above average. (Average is 14 minutes.) It's a basic farm/blind fest up top, until he gets a gank mostly by himself. (Shown in the clip.) Soon after he scores a quick double kill bottom with the help of a Haste rune, and then another once he returns to his lane by another haste rune.

Anyway, it's basically rape and good amount of leavers. Still, he plays well and it's good replay that made me think about using Deso.

├M. 1v0 Replays┤

troll_jukes_wards_sent.w3g (map version 6.38b) played by Kleech
Attached File troll_jukes_wards_sent.w3g ( 124.53k )

I go and place wards out for Troll and show you some good juke spots you might not know of. I showed how to creep pull bottom lane too.

troll_jukes_wards_scourge.w3g (map version 6.38b) played by Kleech
Attached File troll_jukes_wards_scourge.w3g ( 130.92k )

If you play -ap on Scourge, I placed some ward spots up. Most of the juke areas were covered on Sent, but I use others for Top lane/bottom. I tried creep pulling with little success.

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