How to drop Ruin at Base

Dota Runes glitch

There is a cool glitch in Dota which will let you to drop runes/powerups at your base (you might have seen it before). I found it on some forums and want to share it to you guys, It's fun to do you can have runes at your base as much you want, you can see in the image above. It is pretty easy to do, Just follow the simple steps below in order to perform this glitch.

  1. A leaver player.
  2. An empty bottle.
  1. Put an empty bottle in the inventory of a player who has left.
  2. Pick a rune using leaver player hero and don't use it!
  3. Now immediately go back to base and use his circle of power to freeze his hero.
  4. After 2 minutes or less the rune will be dropped at circle of power.
  5. The rune will not disappear until you pick it.


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