Dota 6.63 Download- News and Updates.

Dota 6.63 News and Updates

Dota 6.63 - Dota Allstars 6.63 Map Download, Changelogs - News & Updates. As we all know that Dota 6.62 has been released after a long time and we have had no changes in it because of Warcraft 1.24b patch issue. The next release will be Dota 6.63 & this release will have some changes/balancing & tweaking if everything goes perfectly with Dota 6.62.

Update No.2 from IceFrog:

I've added HLC support to 6.63. This functionality allows leagues that use hosting bots to handle the game mode functions directly.

While the feature will still be tested to ensure that there are no unexpected side effects, I wanted to give leagues an early notice about this frequently requested feature.

Update No.1 from IceFrog:

The 6.62 release seems to be a smooth one so far, no major bugs reported yet.

I am starting 6.63 development now. This patch will be primarily focused on balance improvements.

If there are any changes you'd like to suggest, please feel free.

We hope that there will be no bugs with the current Dota release so we can enjoy the upcoming great changes in Dota 6.63 also the 8mb map file size increase (more heroes)..

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