How to unban Your Garena Account

How to Unban Your Garena Account

Recently, Garena has banned thousands of member accounts for using Garena Exp Hacks/Maphacks & Cracked Versions. People are worried about losing their accounts & they are looking for methods to get their account unbanned. Most of the banned members were innocent and they didn't use any hacks. Well, there is only 1 way to get your account unban which is "BUY UNBAN CARD". If you want to get unbanned by using this way, then read the following steps.


• Go to

• Click login from the left sidebar navigation.

• Login using your banned Garena account/password.

• You will be redirected to Garena Shop.

• Buy Unban Card for 49 GG Shells & Use it.

• Your account will be unbanned.

Note: You need to have GG Shells in order to buy items from Garena shop. If you don't have, just top it up.

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