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DotA 6.64 AI Map - DotA Allstars 6.64 AI Map is the upcoming AI map of DotA Allstars. As IceFrog released Dota 6.64 map, BuffMePlz (Dota AI Developer) started working on the Dota 6.64 AI soon after it. We hope that Dota 6.64 AI will have less bugs and Bots will be more harder as compared to the previous release ^_^ This post is created for Dota Allstars v6.64 AI Map News/Updates. Below you can read the updates BuffMePlz posted on his blog.

Dota 6.64 AI Update #2 (by BMP):

With a host of new abilities and rewrites, many abilities that previously worked with the script either aren't used properly or aren't used at all. Some abilities (like Epicenter after Burrowstrike) worked in previous versions due to hacks that I put in that I've since removed during refactoring.

If you see something that's not working and isn't on this list, let me know, I'll try to keep this updated and address these when I have time (I probably missed several). Please keep in mind that I have a real life and a real job and both take priority over this, so progress might not be as fast as you'd like, but I'll have to ask for your patience.

Sand King
-Epicenter (doesn't use after Burrowstrike)
-Black Hole (rewritten in recent version)
-Warcry (new ability)

-Devour (rewritten a while ago)
-Infest (I don't even know how to properly use this, haha)

-Electric Vortex (I think there's a problem with this ability when used by AI)
-Ball Lightning
-Decay (spams this and sometimes gets lucky)
-Soul Rip (not working anymore? I haven't changed this and the ability should be the same but I never see him using it)
-Windrunner (ironically)
-Focus Fire

-Sticky Napalm (spams this and sometimes gets lucky)
-Flaming Lasso (uses this randomly)
-Battery Assault
-Power Cog
-All active abilities

Tauren Chieftain
-All active abilities

-All abilities, invoked or otherwise

Dota 6.64 AI On The Way (by BuffMePlz):

Got the script changes from IceFrog today, starting work on this soon.

Just thought you all should know, since I haven't updated in a while. =P

Good luck BMP!

Dota 6.64 Download

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