Yay, Warcraft 3 TFT 1.24c Patch is Just on Its Way

Warcraft 1.24c Patch is the upcoming patch update for Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. This update is based on Fixing and optimizing. Blizzard is releasing this update because there were some bugs in campaign, JASS return function etc. - Now they've fixed all of them and released Warcraft 1.24c patch beta live on Battle.net Westfall server for testing. The patch will be released in few weeks as intended. You may check the changelogs of this patch:

Warcraft 3 TFT 1.24c Patch Changelogs:


- Fixed a problem with the "Chapter Six: The Culling" human campaign map
that was preventing it from loading.
- Fixed an issue that allowed JASS functions to return incorrect values
under certain conditions.
- Fixed an issue that caused the TriggerEvaluate native to return
incorrect values under certain conditions.
- Fixed a minor memory leak when using GroupEnum natives.
- Fixed a crash when using the CreateImage native on PPC Mac.
- Updated Mac World Editor to work with recent JASS changes.
Hope so, This patch will be a stable release ^_^

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