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Dota 6.65 - Dota Allstars 6.65 Map News & Updates. Dota 6.65 is the next map of DotA Allstars series. In the past two releases we have seen balancing and fixing, Now it's time for v6.65 of DotA in which we will see new Heroes, items and fun stuff as IceFrog promised. What do you want in the upcoming Dota 6.65 / Dota Allstars 6.65 map, New heroes, hero remake, cosmetics, bug fixes or an item? Share your thoughts, suggestions and wishes via comments, Also check the updates IceFrog posted:

Update 4 from IceFrog - Final Release Date:

IceFrog gave a hint of Dota 6.65 release date, check more details.

Update 3 from IceFrog - Dota 6.65 NightCrawler Teaser video:

IceFrog has released a teaser video of the upcoming hero in Dota 6.65, You can watch it here.

Update 2 from IceFrog - DotA 6.65 Development Status:

Just a quick update to keep you guys in the loop. The 6.65 development cycle is underway and I'm hoping to make it an enjoyable update. It will have some fresh new content in addition to the usual improvements. I'll try to post more information about it later.

Update 1 by IceFrog:

With regards to the 6.64 patch, the focus will be primarily on more balance improvements. It is moving along very smoothly and I expect to have it ready soon. Once those refinements are done, I'll be working on some fun new content such as heroes or remakes for the Dota 6.65 version. If there are specific things, big or small, you want me to consider for patches that follow, let me know.

So guys, get ready for an exciting release of Dota-Allstars v6.65.w3x

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Dota 6.65 Map Download Link:
Dota 6.65 Download

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