Quelling Blade on Kunka, Dota 6.64 Bug and Exploit

Dota 6.64 Bug & Exploit - Normally, Kunkka - Admiral Proudmoore is not allowed to have Quelling Blade item which increases your damage against non-hero units. But, you can actually get Quelling Blade on Kunkka by performing a simple trick/bug. Kuarinofu has posted a video of it on YouTube, watch it below and just follow the simple in DotA steps to get quelling blade working on Kunkka :)

Surprisingly, it works with Kunkka's Tidebringer means, you can do 35% extra damage. This bug is quite abuse able but IceFrog may release Dota 6.64b for it's fix. Pudge/Vengeful Spirit may also acquire Kelen's Dagger through this trick.

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