Guide to Block spammers and Flammers in Warcraft3.Dota

Hey Dota Addicts!, This guide is posted for all Tired Dota/Warcraft 3 Players from flamers/abusers during game via chat, though this is not a new guide but most of us don't know this. so just follow simple steps and Block anyone whom you don't want to chat.

Guide to BLock someone in Chat in Warcraft 3/Dota:

Firstly it is important for you to remember the function of the following command.

The "/squelch" command that blocks someone's chat in Warcraft 3 (DotA) can be entered by using the syntax below:

/squelch (username)


• You want to block "Player".

- then you have to enter "/squelch "Player" in Warcraft III Chat menu by pressing [Enter] / [Shift+Enter].

- this command will shut the abuser's mouth ^^ "Player" and chat showing a message, "Ignoring chat from "player"

• However, If you feel Pitty about "Player" and Want to show his chat.

-Then all you need Just type "/unsqluelch Player" and hit enter.

- A message will be Echoed on the Screen, "Resuming chat from "Player" means, it will it not ignore his messages anymore.

If you want to use this command in DotA then you will need to follow more simple steps, Becouse this command will not work in DotA as it is.
The Reason behind this is:

In DotA the Hero name is added with the user's nickname.

for example, "Player (Silencer)".

so entering "/squelch" command with "Player" nickname, it doesn't work.

To make this command work, All you have to do is to enter Hide Hero Names command "-hhn".

This will remove Hero name from the user's nickname and make it only nickname.

Example: "Player"

So, now after entering "-hhn" command the hero names are gone so you can Follow the above steps to simply play cool and Silent game ^^

Tips/Things to Remember:

1. For coloured name you need to type the Whole color Syntax along with the nick name, for example:
If "Player" nick-name is Colored, then
"/squelch Player" is incorrect.
Instead of that you will need to enter this command: "/squelch .|c0000ff00Player" with color hex codes.
2.Another thing to remember is that the nick-names are Case-Sensitive that means The Nick-name should be entered as it Really is.
Example is the Nick name is "PlaYeR" then,
"/squelch Player" is incorrect.
Inplace of that you will need to enter this command: "/squelch PlaYeR".
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