Play Multiple Warcraft IIIs with KLoader

Hey Dota Addicts!, Playing Warcraft III in multiple instances is not a Dream now. Now you can Play Multiple warcraft III on a Single Computer with no problem such as Programming issues etc also for this you don't even have to install multiple Warcrafts, all you have to do is to use a Tiny program called K-Loader to activate multiple Instances of Warcraft III on a single computer.
With it you can play 1 v 1 against yourself, for testing Maps.AI Maps for any bugs. You can check out new heros and techniques according to your Wish :)

Guide- How to Rum KLoader:
1. First of all, Download and Extract kLoader.rar.
2. Secondly, open config.txt and set your Warcraft III Path (where you have installed it) and save it.
3. Finally, W3MultipleLoader.exe and run multiple Warcraft III's
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Multiple-Warcraft III's KLoader Download Links:
kLoader.rar (mirror 1)
kLoader.rar (mirror 2)

Things you need to Remeber/Tips:
1- Setting Correct Path in config.txt for having no trouble in playing multiple warcraft IIIs
2- -Window can be removed from config.txt for not playing Warcraft III in Window Mode.
3- For avoiding Scrolling Problem in playing multiple Warcraft IIIs you can use WMC (Windows Mouse Capture)

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