Dota 6.67b Bug | Magnus Skewer Bug

DoTA 6.67b Bug has been found. When IceFrog released DotA 6.67b map in a hurry as bug fix patch for 6.67. There was a clear chance of having bugs in that map. So, here is one of Dota 6.67b bug with Magnus, It's funny but it can ruin the game anytime, In the following video you will see how it works and what it does!

Update: IceFrog has released
DotA 6.67c to fix this bug.


• Pick Mangnus & level up his 3rd ability, Skewer.
• Buy Kelen's Dagger & Scroll Of Town Portal (Boots of travel can be used too).
• Hold [Shift] and Teleport to a tower/unit, Select Dagger and left click on the ground. Now, instantly click Skewer and target yourself.
• Release shift.
• Magnus will rush to the allied Fountain.

Now, Here comes the game-breaking part, Magnus can also drag enemy units/heroes to his fountain, Check how it's performed in a Live game!

It looks like DotA 6.67c will be needed, We hope that IceFrog releases another bug fix patch soon!

Thanks to Tobyastobyas for finding out this bug.

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