Dota 6.68 Bug | Infinite Goblin Techies Mines Bug

Dota 6.68 Bug has been found pretty fast. And moreover, the bug is game breaking and really easy to reproduce.

Goblin Techies Infinite Remote Mines Bug
1. Choose Goblin Techies as your hero.
2. Try to get level 6 as fast as you can.
3. Take Remote Mines (Techies' Ultimate Skill).
4. Put your Remote Mines.
5. Detonate it.
6. Kabooom! But look, your Remote Mines is still there, why don't you detonate it again? ;)
7. Profit!

Actually, i already expect bugs on Dota 6.68 since it contains many changes, but i never thought that the bug will be so easily found like this o_O

Anyway, if you find another bugs, feel free to share it here :)

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