Dota 6.68 CM, Item an Tiny | Dota 6.68 Preview no.2

IceFrog has just made the second post about the Dota 6.68 preview. This time, he gives us a sneak peek to the new Captains Mode, Orb of Venom (new items), Tiny's Aghanim Scepter upgrade and Kinetic Field (new hero ability). On the same post, he also said that the new map is very close to finish. Yay!! Here are the details of the preview:

1- Captains Mode: There is a new ban and pick system for CM in 6.68. Instead of 4 bans and then 5 picks, now it is 3 bans and then 3 picks followed by 2 bans and 2 picks. Information about the exact drafting order will be detailed in the changelog.

Wow, this should make the draft more interesting. Since we can guess the enemies strategy from the first 3 picks, now we can counter it on the second round of bans.
2- A new basic item, Orb of Venom:

I don't know what it is.. But i guess it is something that gives a slow or maybe poison effect.

3- Tiny with a new ability he gains from Aghaninm's Scepter:
Wow, Tiny seems scarier now.. I wonder if the new ability has something to do with that club he carries.
4- Kinetic Field, an ability on one of the new heroes:

OK, i don't have any idea about this one. Can you give your thoughts guys?

Yeah, seems Dota 6.68 will be coming very soon. Keep in touch with DotA-Blog and we will make you one of the fastest person who played that map :) On topic, what do you think about this preview?

PS: In case you miss it, check also the Dota Preview #1.

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