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Hey Dota Addicts!, The As we all know that DotA 6.68c AI is the upcoming DotA AI map that is under development process and expected to release very soon. Harreke & PleaseBugMeNot are currently working on DotA v6.68c AI Project. Harreke is developing his own AI script and PleaseBugMeNot is following BMP's AI script. So there may be two versions of 6.68c AI this time.

Update #2: Quick Update (October 27, 2010):

Hello, guys.
Just a quick update on the status of the AI map. The item builds for DotA 6.68c AI series are ready. The AITeam are testing them. As you know in 6.69 there are changes in some items and recipes and that will need another item build overhaul. There is a new mode called -ld (Low Dodge Mode). Some users complained how AI (Normal and Hard) are dodging almost always Pudge`s Hooks and some other skills. The mode will compensate that problem... it will be available as a command from the hosting player. Writing -old once will enable that mode and writing it again will disable it. You`ll see a message with the current status of the mode.
That mode affects Meat Hook but also Nerubian Assassin's Impale, Demon Witch's Impale, Fissure, and Ice Path.

There are some weird bugs which we will address. Also i started renaming and de-obfuscating a lot of functions and variables... i hope that will make the work on the script easier.

Update #1: PleaseBugMeNot:

And here is the test of the Eredar, Shadow Demon. All skills are working. Gyrocopter and Thrall are already working. I can say the waiting for 6.68 was worth it, very nice heroes. Congrats, IceFrog! The next work on the list, making item recipes work. Without that fix, the map will be unplayable. So, keep your fingers crossed.

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