Naga Siren Dota Heroine, The Ultimate Guide

Naga Siren

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Slithice was always a vagabond among the Naga, roaming beyond the boundaries of the sea in search of new things. During her adventures she met and fell in love with a young Orc training to be a Blademaster. Though he was inexperienced he taught her many Orcish fighting tactics employed by seasoned warriors. During their courtship as she was learning how to make traps from a local raider, a swarm of Scourge came and invaded, her love was killed before her very eyes. She used her Naga magics to put the evil to sleep and fled, and now gives her all to the Sentinel, in the name of her love.

Range: 100 | Move Speed: 320 | Primary: AGI
Str: 19 + 1.9 | Agi: 21 + 2.75 | Int: 15 + 1.65
Damage: 51 - 53 | HP: 511 | Mana: 195
HP Regen: 0.82 | Mana Regen: 0.61
Attack Speed: 1.34 (+ 21% IAS) | Armor: 4



I. Introduction
II. Abilities
III. Skill Build
IV. Item Build
V. Strategy
VI. Tips & Tricks
VII. Video & Replay
VIII. Hero Counters
IX. Screenshot Tutorials


I. Introduction

I've worked day in and day out to keep this guide as simple as possible. I find it foolish when someone negatively comments on size, because when you actually look through it, you'll see that the sections are divided off clearly. And yeah, this is my first DotA guide.

So.. why choose Naga Siren anyways? Because she is a..

- Hero Killer
- Pusher
- Counter-Pusher
- Ambusher
- Chaser
- Escaper
- Supporter
- Sexy Beast

Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my... okay, she really is all of those, and the guide will hopefully help you through it.

II. Abilities

IPB Image
Mirror Image

Confuses the enemy by summoning copies of Slithice, which can deal damage. Images take triple damage. Lasts 30 seconds.

Level 1 - Creates 1 illusion, deals 15% damage.
Level 2 - Creates 2 illusions, deals 30% damage.
Level 3 - Creates 3 illusions, deals 30% damage.
Level 4 - Creates 3 illusions, deals 45% damage.

Mana Cost: 85 / 105 / 130 / 150
Cooldown: 60

Comments: This is what makes Slithice a threat. She's an agility hero with low health, but then bam, you've got copies that deal out significant damage. Throughout my strategy I will advise you to not use this ability on farming, unless to counter a push. This is a must save for heroes and for simply surviving against enemy heroes. The cooldown is too long for you to waste this ability.

IPB Image

Entraps an enemy unit in a net, rendering the unit unable to move.

Level 1 - Lasts 2 seconds.
Level 2 - Lasts 3 seconds.
Level 3 - Lasts 4 seconds.
Level 4 - Lasts 5 seconds.

Mana Cost: 75 / 85 / 95 / 115
Cooldown: 15

Comments: Ensnare is your key to killing heroes throughout the entire game (especially early-mid). The range is brilliant, though it's best to make sure you're close so that you can attack the hero while they're ensnared. Remember, a netted hero can STILL ATTACK. This is no stun, it simply disables movement, so be careful. However, it does cancel channeling spells (so if a hero is channeling a spell, and get ensnared while doing so, it cancels it), and goes through magic immunity (i.e. N'aix's Rage).

IPB Image
Critical Strike

Gives a chance to do deal 1.5 times damage on an attack.

Level 1 - 15% chance.
Level 2 - 25% chance.
Level 3 - 35% chance.
Level 4 - 45% chance.

Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Comments: Does wonders for Naga's damage output, especially because your images have this as a passive ability as well. Naga Siren's DPS jumps with this passive.

IPB Image
Song of the Siren

Slithice sings a tempting song. Enemy units near her are put to sleep.

Level 1 - Lasts 6 seconds, affects 800 AoE around Siren..
Level 2 - Lasts 7 seconds, affects 1200 AoE around Siren.
Level 3 - Lasts 8 seconds, affects 1600 AoE around Siren

Mana Cost: 200 / 275 / 360
Cooldown: 120

Comments: A great ultimate. I can't think of a better one for Slithice. Whenever your images fail you or you get ganked, this one spell is an easy escape route. Also great for saving allies, but you must use it wisely. I prefer not using it to 'set up the enemy', since I always find needs for it to survive or save others. It's still an option, though.

III. Skill Build

Which build to choose? The difference between the builds is how you will be playing early game. Most of the time you will be using the offensive build. It is effective because you can snag some kills with the power of images, and use them as an escape. However, if you are squared off in a lanes of heavy harrassment/nukers, you may want to consider the defensive build. Also, the defensive is more noob-friendly if you're a Slithice beginner.

Offensive Build:

1 - Mirror Image
2 - Ensnare
3 - Ensnare
4 - Mirror Image
5 - Ensnare
6 - Mirror Image
7 - Ensnare
8 - Mirror Image
9 - Song of the Siren
10 - Critical Strike
11 - Critical Strike
12 - Critical Strike
13 - Critical Strike
14 - 23 - Attribute Bonus
24-25 - Song of the Siren

Defensive Build:

1 - Mirror Image
2 - Ensnare
3 - Ensnare
4 - Attribute Bonus
5 - Ensnare
6 - Attribute Bonus
7 - Ensnare
8 - Mirror Image
9 - Mirror Image
10 - Mirror Image
11 - Song of the Siren
12 - Critical Strike
13 - Critical Strike
14 - Critical Strike
15 - Critical Strike
16-23 - Attribute Bonus
24-25 - Song of the Siren

1. Ensnare - This gets maxed out first for both builds. Use it early game for saving yourself, to kill an enemy hero that is escaping with a small amount of HP (that happens frequently in early game), and even net an enemy hero near your tower.

2. Mirror Image & Critical Strike - One level of MI at th beginning so that you can use the illusion to scout out runes. In general, Mirror Image is to be prioritized above Critical Strike. Why? Because you gain an extra image per level for the first three levels of Mirror Image, and the more images you have the more damage, and it'll overwhelm your enemy. If you're playing defensively from the start then you use stats to beef up instead of putting points into MI. If you play offensively then the images are great in confusing the enemy, since few heroes have the nuking power to destroy all of your images early game.

3. Song of the Siren - I don't get Song of the Siren until level 10/11 because it just really isn't needed. I don't find myself getting ganked so hard during early game. It's easy to see large scale ganks coming if you are aware of your mini-map. The worst that could happen is if 1-2 heroes are chasing you, and that is where Ensnare comes in to hold them down. I don't put levels into SoS anymore for the rest of the game since the mana cost is truly a bitch. 800 AoE works fine.

IV. Item Build

End Result...
IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

Item Build Order:
  • Circlets x 2, tangos
  • Bracers x 2 OR Wraiths x 2 (or one of each)
  • Boots
  • Blade of Alacrity + Boots of Elevenskin = Diffusal Blade
  • Messerschmidts Reaver
  • Vitality Booster
  • Manta Style Recipe
  • Vitality Booster
  • Heart of Terrasque
  • Boots of Travel
  • Eaglehorn + Quarterstaff = Butterfly

Get Bracers if you are having trouble surviving, or are simply facing nukers. Get Wraiths if require more damage output if you are finding easy time to farm or need more damage output to kill enemies in early attacks/ganks.

Item Build Justification:

The key items in Slithice's item build are the Diffusal Blade and the Manta Style. Feedback (mana burning) makes you a much more effective hero killer, especially against intelligence heroes, since your images also have feedback. Diffusal Blade helps you earlier in the game with the Purge ability, allowing you to finish off heroes with ease if they escape your ensnare. Manta Style helps you later in pushes, since you gain a second image casting ability.

Bracer/Wraith (970): These items are the little extra boost to help you get through farming, surviving, or even ganking in early game. And the great thing is, they only improve attributes, which is good news for your images.

Boots of Speed (500): A neutral item, though I find it useful when using ensnare, since you can reach the target hero more quickly in order to get some hits in. It also makes trips to the fountain quicker, which you may be doing often since Slithice usually douses all of her energy in one combo early in the game (low mana pool).

Diffusal Blade (3000): This item is extremely useful on Slithice, especially if you use Purge at the correct times. The mana burn takes care of just about every hero (especially intelligence), since your images also gain the feedback ability from this item. Check my strategies below for tips on how to use this correctly.

Manta Style (2500): An amazing item on Slithice, mainly because you nearly have unlimited images. While one is cooling down you can use the other, or you can use both Mirror Image and Manta Style at the same time for a total of 6 nagas. =D This item heavily upgrades Slithice has a pusher, since you can easily overwhelm buildings. Look below in the SS Tuts for more information on how to do this.

Heart of Terrasque (5500): This helps amazingly with Naga Siren's survivability. This is the best Strength item for Slithice in the whole game, because the +35 Strength transfers to the images, which beefs them up quite a bit.

Upgrade to Boots of Travel (2200): You're doing this mainly for the TP (teleport). With this you can defend your towers and push quickly late game. Those images are overwhelming, especially in a surprise attack. And even if you're not strong enough to counter a push, you have Song of the Siren to disable them so allies can reach the structure in time. The MS also transfers to the images, in case you were wondering.

Butterfly (5950): First off, it's unlikely you'll reach this mark. I don't get The Butterfly earlier because of the insane cost of Eaglehorn at 3400. Quite difficult for Slithice to farm. Anyways, the evasion and agility helps the images as well, so you are gaining DPS and survivability from this item. Good deal.


Other Items: Linken's Sphere and Soul Booster These items achieve more Health, mana, and regen. Linken's is a better item for Slithice, but Soul Booster costs 2400 less gold. Linken's Sphere helps out more in the long run, but if you aren't getting cash fast, I'd suggest you give Soul Booster instead.

IPB Image

Order of orbs? It depends. Are you running out of mana more often, or health? If it's one or the other, get Vitality or Energy Booster. If it's both, grab the Point Booster.

So why Linken's Sphere over Soul Booster in the first place? Well, images don't benefit from the regeneration from either of the items, so scratch that off and look what you've got. Linken's Sphere: +15 All Stats. Soul Booster: +450 HP (I'm disregarding mana since images don't even use it). The plus to strength from Linken's gives you 375 HP, not too far from the Soul Booster bonus. It also gives you the plus to agility (15% IAS, +15 Damage, +2.1 Armor), Naga's main attribute. And the HP and mana regeneration (affects real naga only) is much higher from Linken's than SB. So I find Linken's to be a much better item, even if it is more costly.


Why Not Other Orb Effects? Okay, the feedback orb effect is your best bet on Naga in any game. Feedback is the ONLY orb effect images can have. But hell, let's go over the others anyways.
  • S&Y: A small percent chance for maim, while Purge on Diffusal is a definite chance. Plain and simple, you don't get anywhere as much benefit from S&Y as you do from Manta Style.
  • Cranium Basher: Images don't have extra damage or bash (creates a 'fake bash' where you see the animation but it doesn't really do anything).
  • Battle Fury: Images don't have extra damage or cleave.
  • Satanic: You gain more HP bonuses from Heart of Terrasque, and images don't gain life leech anyways.
  • Burize: A +damage item does not benefit images. Sure, the images will get the crit, but it is unnecessary when you already 45% crit.
  • Eye of Skadi: Takes forever to farm this item, and the images will not even have the frost attack. Not worth it at all.
  • Maelstrom: No. Images don’t have chain lightning. No.
  • Stygian Desolator: It is a thought, lowering the hero's armour so that there’s more wailing on him with images... No. Images just don’t benefit because it is a +damage item.
  • MKB: I just added it here since people still ask about it. The images don't get the +damage, and they don't have the ministun, they just create a 'fake bash' like cranium basher.
Images DO Benefit From: +Attributes items (i.e. Eaglehorn), +MS (i.e. Boots of Travel), +HP/MP (i.e. Soul Booster)

Images DON'T Benefit From: +DMG items(i.e. Divine Rapier), +IAS items (i.e. Hand of Midas), armour/spell resistance items (i.e. Aegis), +HP/MP Regen (i.e. Perserverance), Mekansm's heal, Omniknight's Guardian Angel

V. Strategy

This section will be brief due to the fact I am using visual aid in my next post through Screenshot Tutorials to teach the Naga Siren strategies.

To give an overview, this guide's use of Slithice makes her a very effective hero killer, pusher, supporter, all around. There are a few combos to learn through the SS Tuts, and once perfected you'll come to see Slithice as a great hero.

Basic Combo: Ensnare, Mirror Image, Attack. or Mirror Image, Ensare, Attack.
The first is more surprising, but in the latter you have no delay of casting. I use the latter when working with allies, and the first when I am one versus one. After they are ensnared, run up so that you are touching the hero, then you cast Mirror Image, so that you sourrosurroundo give the images attacking room.

Purging Combo: Ensnare, Mirror Image, Attack, Purge (when ensnare wears out), Attack.
This combo can of course only be used if you have Diffusal Blade, and is very deadly. The Purge is very useful since net usually doesn't last long enough, you just need to cast these spells at the right time. Cast Purge after ensnare wears out, not during it. And when you cast purge, move your images ahead of where the enemy is retreating, then attack, almost like creating a wall, and so that you don't fall behind.

Warning: For heroes that have channeling AoE spells, use purge first so that you can use ensnare to cancel that spell.

Image Surprise (they should make an ice cream for this): Attack, Mirror Image (Ensnare)
Tricking a hero is always effective. First be sure that only one enemy hero is present. Now what you do is get in a little fight with them and don't use spells. Maybe use ensnare to make them think you're serious or think you don't have any mana. Once you're down to about half HP or a little less, use your Mirror Image and ensnare if you have it. Surprise! This trick takes experience though, because you have to be very careful. The hero could the same to you, and not use their spells until you've reached about half HP. In which case you're screwed, since you have low HP. I use this most when I'm in a solo lane and I get in one of those one on one battles early.


Early Game: You are weak. Do not expect to own, even if you are a pro. During this time you need to concentrate on levels, using the 'last-hit' method for gold. Make sure you stay back and take as little damage as possible. There is not much you can do on the offensive, except for a useful and easy trick. Ensnare a hero when they come in range of your tower (make sure they have only 1-2 enemy creeps with them), and with luck the tower will target them, along with you yourself. Don't expect a kill (unless they were low in the first place), but it'll keep your hero's HP down for later on, and also raise the intimidation factor.
  • Farming Alone (without images): You will need to use the 'last-hit creep' method in order to farm this way. Generally easy with Naga, especially once you start putting points into Critical Strike. Slithice's attack animation isn't the easiest to maneuver with, so it takes practice. You are a melee hero, as well, meaning you'll have to anticipate when the creep will have the smallest amount of HP, since you have to run over to it before wacking it with your scythe.
  • Farming With Images:It doesn't matter if you are even alone against a creep wave with your images, you always attack one creep at a time with ALL the images. It is generally a guaranteed kill.
Mid Game: Mid game for Slithice is when she has a decent amount levels in each skill and has acquired the Diffusal Blade item. After acquiring this item, your capability in killing heroes has just increased massively. At this point you should be using the aboves combos when given the opportunity. You'll also start working more with allies at this point; Purge can help them out, too, as well as Song of the Siren. Much more information is given in the SS Tuts (third post).

Late Game: Big items, big damage, nasty images, what are ya going to do? Attack the base. When Slithice is in a push, at least one building is taken out (if you take advantage of all your skills, even Song). Save your images for the tower/rax when pushing near the base, and your enemies will be overwhelmed. Remember that fact, Naga Siren is an overwhelming hero. A useful strategy if you have Manta Style by now is to make copies of yourself for one building, then again for the next. Double-imaging is also an effective counter-push, though I'd suggest not to attack from behind since your images really don't have much HP to play around with.

Also in pushes, I stress the use of Song of the Siren (this is explained in the SS Tuts, but I'm mentioning it here). Once the enemies have arrived at the structure you're targeting with your allies, use Song of the Siren to completely disable your foes so that they can watch helplessly as you destroy their building.

What Heroes To Watch Out For? In the next post below. wink.gif

VI. Tips & Tricks

Regarding Runes:
Whenever you get any rune on Slithice (excluding Illusion, since it's not a buff), refrain from using Mirror Image/Manta, because you will lose the effect of that rune.

Spells that ignore images and only hit the real hero:
  • Witch Doctor: Maledict
  • Zeus: Thundergod's Wrath
  • Spectre: Haunt
  • Tinker: Heat Seeking Missile
Spells with debuff icons that cannot be negated by Manta Style:
  • Bloodseeker: Rupture
  • Doombringer: Doom
  • Warlock: Shadow Word
  • Witch Doctor: Maledict
  • Huskar: Burning Spear
Spells that deal special damage against images:
  • Enchantress: Enchant (Can convert hero images for 30 seconds)
  • Chen: Holy Persuasion (Takes control of the image for as long as the illusion lasts)
  • Medusa: Purge (Can instant kill image?)
  • Lion, Rhasta, Guinsoo: Voodoo (Can instantly kill images)
  • Harbinger: Arcane Orb (Deals 400 extra damage to illusions)
VII. Video & Replay

**Firedoomer Naga Siren Video
--Created by Firedoomer

I found this video YouTube, and I decided to throw into here. I don't advise trying to follow by what he does exactly in gameplay -- it's just a video to get you in the mood to play the Naga Siren. smile.gif


Game Type: Inhouse (Clan BSW)
Side: Scourge
Color: --
Matchup: 4v4
Game Mode: -apsp

  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
Highlights of the Game

[8:40] Mirror Imaged when Ursa attacked with Overpower, got my first kill.
[15:35] MI at tower when it was red, when my creeps AREN'T attacking it, so that I can easily get the tower kill.
[18:50] I use Mirror Image in the top lane and attacking the Sentinel creeps at the tower one by one, so that I can quickly get rid of them. That way all of my creeps can focus on the tower that currently has high health. When DK teleports to the tower, I instantly cast Song of the Siren so that I can finish the tower and escape.
[20:10] I purchase Diffusal Blade.
[21:00] I ensnared Clinks at mid, and since there was a sentry there as well, I Mirror Imaged since I could still attack when the Ensnare wore off. Ended up with a kill. (Killed Ursa as well, but he kind of suicided.)
[24:00] I pull a combo on Ursa when he starts attacking Enigma. When I purge him, watch how I still move my images to surround him. I know he could've ran, and may have lagged, but my ensnare would have cooled down anyways.
[25:30] I finally slice up Clinks by myself in a mass of enemy heroes mid. I run for it since my mana is near depleted.
[29:20] Some neutral creeping. Still target one by one. My images' DPS makes this a very quick job.
[34:15] Team push mid, my images sufficiently help in the owning of the second tower.
[36:20] Enemy pushes mid, so I come in from behind with my images. I finish off Mortred quickly, then I cast Song of the Siren while Ursa is cycloned. That way he is the only vulnerable target once the cyclone wears off, since the others are still asleep (this is one of the only incentives to further level Song).
[39:00] Late game image farming bot, notice I still attack one by one.
[41:20] Notice how I again surround my images around Ursa after the purge. Since my allies come to assist, and the enemy Clinks shows up, I divert my attention to him. He is a more valuable target for me to attacking because 1) He is a DPS hero and needs to be stopped, and 2) My images' mana burning are very effective against clinks, as is my ensnare. Thus, I kill him easily.
[43:00] Push bot to destroy 2nd tower. Godlike kill on the Dragon Knight..
[45:30] After saving Enigma and fighting DK, I use Song after deciding my HP is lowering too much in comparison to his.
[46:30] I complete BoT before Heart because I am pushing frequently.
[48:00] In the defense of the enemy top push, I kill Ursa quickly, then double image since there are multiple enemy heroes. And due to this double imaging, I am able to block DK against the cliff with the images.
[51:00] I take out their bot rax in a push and tele out.
[52:30] My chasing of Mortred shows the usefulness of Ensnare's cooldown. So even though I have no more purge due to the Manta Style upgrade, ensare can still work fine as my disable.
[54:30] I teleport to bot enemy base to finish the ranged rax.
[57:15] We push the enemy top base. I Mirror Image for the tower, then Manta Style at the rax for double images. Once it's all destroyed, I use Song of the Siren for our escape. Unstoppable pushing, no?
[1:00:00+] We finish them off...

Final Score: 13-0
Winner: Scourge

Replay: Attached File BSW_Slithice.w3g ( 383.98k )

VIII. Hero Counters

This section goes over the enemy skills that are deadly against Naga and how to counter them. It's also resource for those looking for ways to counter Naga herself. Her biggest threat is AoE spells. They can destroy her images just like that, so caution is required for a Slithice player facing an AoE nuker. I've listed enemy skills below that are deadly against Slithice, and then how to counter them (if it's possible to counter them.. sometimes it's just running tongue.gif).

Axe - Counter Helix

Deadly Because? When you have all of your images attacking Axe, it gives a greater chance for his Counter Helix to activate, which easily takes out your images. Helix also activates while Axe is ensnared. Combined with Berserker's Call, you can really get your ass handed to you.
How to Counter? You're best off getting an ally to come with you whenever you attack Axe. Don't even try soloing him if he more than half HP. If he's lower than half HP, and his level doesn't own yours, you can try a combo on him. Otherwise be careful, and use Song of the Siren if need be.

Centaur Warchief - Hoof Stomp

Deadly Because? An AoE stun. This spell isn't as deadly as it is annoying, since it doesn't give Bradwarden much of an advantage if you're soloing him, except it allows him to run. This can set you up for other enemy heroes though.
How to Counter? I like to use the "fake-out" method. Simply click right next to the centaur, then once Slithice is just about there, click away immediately. If you're lucky, the centaur will fall for the trick and waste his stomp. This is more useful early game than late.

Crystal Maiden - Freezing Field

Deadly Because? Heavy AoE damage, this can completely destroy your images with easy. Remember this can be casted while she is ensared.
How to Counter? Simply save you ensnare, because this ability cancels casting. So just when Rylai thinks she has you, cancel out her freezing field, use your images if you have already, and the rest should be a piece of cake. If ensnare is on the cooldown, and you get caught in the middle of this, just attack Rylai. Odds are you won't get hit by a lot of novas if you're right next to her the whole time.

Death Prophet - Exorcism, Carrion Swarm

Deadly Because? This one can be tricky, but you can get by. The ghosts can eat up your images quickly, and same with Carrion Swarm.
How to Counter? A safe bet would to just stay back until this deactivates (I like to lurk on the side behind her, so that as soon as it deactivates, I jump out and finish her). If it is dire for you to attack, like if she's pushing a tower, use Song of the Siren to disable her and cancel the ultimate. Your ultimate is a very useful counter to Exorcism.

Dwarven Sniper - Scattershot

Deadly Because? This can be annoying early-mid game, since it's a ranged AoE nuke that can be spammed with ease.
How to Counter? There really isn't much you can do about it, just be smart and don't use your images on creeps when an enemy Kardel is in that lane. He can easily be ensnared, so don't set yourself up for this one.

Earthshaker - All Skills

Deadly Because? Raigor's AoE combo absolutely destroys your images, so you really need to be careful, especially when you don't have Diffusal Blade yet. Echo Slam will damage your images the most of course, and most likely destroy them.
How to Counter? Diffusal Blade itself is a main counter. Otherwise you can't do much except use Song of the Siren to escape (if he brings down your HP enough, and pray to Davy Jones there's a split second of time between the stunning to cast it).

Enigma - Black Hole

Deadly Because? Disabling AoE nuke, this is one of the most deadly skills against Naga Siren. It can easily destroy your images
How to Counter? You may need Song of the Siren with this one, because after he uses his ultimate, and if it destroys your images (which is probably will), he can use Malefice and the real you and you're screwed. Once you have Manta Style however, it shouldn't be a problem. Just create images if he uses Malefice afterwards to cancel it, then attack him (or run if he took down your HP a good deal).

Juggernaut - Blade Fury

Deadly Because? This is especially dangerous early game, and can be used while Yurnero is ensnared. Full damage from this can destroy your images.
How to Counter? Do your best to simply avoid it, remember that ensnare can still be used on Yurnero if he's using Blade Fury. So you can ensnare him, let him spin, then run in for the attack.

Keeper of the Light - Illuminate

Deadly Because? Very heavy damage, this skill is greater than your images.
How to Counter? If your images are set up in a lane for this, then it should be because you're pushing. If Ezalor starts casting illuminate, just run out of the way.. If he is alone, run towards him and get behind him, and when he starts running ensnare him. If you have Diffusal Blade you should be able to snag a kill easily.

Lich - Chain Frost

Deadly Because? This is especially deadly early game. This skill can be used to bounce off your images and take them out as well as you.
How to Counter? If you're soloing Lich, don't use your Mirror Image if you can until you've done damage to him. You might be able to catch him by surprise and take him down. Plus, Mirror Image cancels chain frost if it just hits you when you cast it (thanks to Infern0 for this strat). Mid-late game you shouldn't have problem with Lich casting chain frost, since you'll have feedback from Diffusal Blade/Manta Style.

Magnus - All Skills

Deadly Because? Magnus is another anti-image hero. Shockwave and Reverse Polarity are his AoE nukes, and his Empower + Mighty Swing combination can take out your images with ease.
How to Counter? Very difficult to counter this guy, since he doesn't rely as much on mana on Raigor. But your Diffusal Blade should still help, because you can purge off his empower. This is another hero where you should consider using Mirror Image after you've damaged him a bit (as a surprise as well).

Oblivion - Nether Blast

Deadly Because? Heavy damage that'll take out your images, especially early game. With Diffusal Blade this problem should be nearly non-existent, but in the meantime it's still an AoE nuke that's spammable.
How to Counter? Avoid. This skill has 2 seconds casting time, so running out of the way isn't difficult. You can always cast ensnare, too, to cancel it, then run in and use Mirror Image on him. Also keep in mind that Mirror Image will cancel Decrepify.

Queen of Pain - Scream of Pain, Sonic Wave

Deadly Because? AoE nuker. The ultimate will destroy your images, so be cautious of it.
How to Counter? These skills are hard to avoid, especially since Akasha has blink. You may need to use your Song of the Siren sometimes, since she also has Shadow Strike for the real naga once she wipes out your images. Your ensnare can keep her from blinking away, and feedback from Diffusal/Manta can keep her from using her AoE nukes.

Rogueknight - Great Cleave, God's Strength

Deadly Because? Godstrength combined with Great Cleave can take out your images just like that.
How to Counter? Once you have Diffusal Blade, you can Purge Godstrength off of Sven. Nice! ...Otherwise you can always just Ensnare and run. Remember that heroes can still attack while ensnared, so don't make the mistake of attacking an ensnared Sven with Godstrength, because he'll rip you to bits.

Sand King - Epicenter

Deadly Because? Very heavy AoE damage, up to over 1k at level 3. Very nasty.
How to Counter? There is of course the casting time on Epicenter, so save your ensnare for that moment to cancel it. If you're unable to do this, use Song of the Siren. And even if ensnare ends up being too late and epicenter is casted, SK won't be able to move so you can run away and not take close-range pulse damage.

Shadow Fiend - Requiem of Souls

Deadly Because? Tons of damage, especially close range.
How to Counter? This has the casting time, so use the ensnare to cancel it. If you can't, just run you and your images away (you'll have time when you see Nevermore channeling) so that you don't take the close range damage. Then you can run back in and attack if you wish.

Slayer - Dragon Slave, Light Strike Array

Deadly Because? This combo can get you if used by an experienced Lina. After hit by these AoE spells, the real Naga can be revealed so that Lina can use her Laguna Blade for the finisher.
How to Counter? Cast Mirror Image (if ready) during or after the combo so that you can't get targeted by Laguna Blade. Ensnare won't cancel these spells like it does with other heroes, since there isn't a channeling time on Lina's spells except for a 1 second one on Light Strike Array.

Slithereen Guard - Slithereen Crush

Deadly Because? Decently long stun that can set you up for other heroes. Luckily this has a small AoE, but be ready for Slardar to cast this while he is ensnared.
How to Counter? Ensnare and run, Slardar is a melee hero. You can also use the same "fake-out" tactic I explained with Bradwarden, where you run in close next to Slardar, then run back (hoping to make him waste his spell).

Stone Giant - Avalanche, Toss

Deadly Because? Those rocks can hurt, and this is one of those non-ultimate skill combos that can take out your images with ease.
How to Counter? Cast Mirror Image after the combo (if it is cooled). This is because of Tiny's slow attack speed. However, don't attack back, just run because this combo probably just took out most of your HP. You can also "fake-out" Tiny, by constantly running towards him. If you're running around close to Tiny he won't be able hit you with Avalanche, but be wary of Toss.

Tidehunter - Anchor Smash, Ravage

Deadly Because? If anchor smash activates your images are done for, and when Ravage is used your images are gone, so Levi is a force to be reckoned with. Don't let yourself get fooled here, he can still anchor smash you while ensnared, and Ravage doesn't care which is the real Naga.
How to Counter? If ambushed by Levi, you may need Song of the Siren. Just don't fight back, because Anchor Smash gives him a large advantage against your images. Ensnare and run is a good choice, since he is a melee hero, and your ensnare lasts longer than is slow from Gush or stun from Ravage.

Tormented Soul - All Skills

Deadly Because? Very heavy AoE nuker that can be deadly early game all the way to late game.
How to Counter? Avoid this hero until you gain Diffusal, because there really isn't anything you can do. All of his spells will still work while he is ensnared, and keep in mind that Diabolic Ddict will continue even after you cast Song of the Siren. Anyways, once you gain feedback you can burn out his mana so that his ultimate will stop working and he can't spam those nukes anymore.

Treant Protector - Overgrowth

Deadly Because? One of the best skills to reveal the real Naga, it makes you a sitting duck.
How to Counter? If Mirror Image or Manta is ready, CAST IT. It'll cancel overgrowth and allow you to escape fairly easily (thanks to Yami_Raziel for pointing this out). A good strategy to use if ally heroes are there and you get ganked with Overgrowth, cast Song of the Siren. It lasts longer than Ovegrowth, so your ally heroes will be free and can set up to attack those heroes ganking you.

Venomancer - Poison Nova

Deadly Because? Poison will damage your images to reveal the real Naga.
How to Counter? Cast an image spell to dispel the poison (hopefully available when you have Manta). Remember it can be casted while he is ensnared.

IX. Screenshot Tutorials

This section of the guide is devoted to visual aid... and my passion for screenshots. I'll explain strategies and combos through screenshots so that you can actually see what I'm talking about. I understand that some people are more verbal learners, and others are more visual learners. Plus it's fun, so here we go.

Early Game

Ensnare + Mirror Image Combo

A useful strategy early on in the game to damage your enemy hero is to net him near the tower. If you timed it right, or are just lucky, the tower will wail on him and maybe even kill him. In the below screenshot the centaur ran out of the tower range before the net hit him. However, this leads to directions on how to attack an ensnared hero.

IPB Image

Since the centaur is at around half HP, I'm willing to use my Mirror Image ability. It needs to be used in the right location though. What you need to do is get behind the hero ('behind' as in where he would run, so opposite the direction of your own tower), then cast Mirror Image. This way you are surrounding the centaur and blocking him slightly from where he'll run.

IPB Image

Mid Game

Song of the Siren - Counter Push and Save Your Allies

Around this time of the game you're likely to see some pushes to get at least the front towers down. You'll find your allies in some trouble sometimes, too. In the below screenshot you'll find both. The PA is getting attacked by some heroes during their push towards our mid tower.

IPB Image

So all I gotta do in run in quickly from between the trees and cast Song of the Siren, allowing my ally an escape, and a chance for our forces to regroup to counter this push and hopefully save the tower (This screenshot also looks pretty cool since lich just casted chain frost).

IPB Image

Song of the Siren - Assault Enemy Towers

Song of the Siren is by far the best way to assault an enemy tower in my opinion. This spell sleeps all enemy units in a large area for quite a while. And your units can't attack them! That means all of your creeps will go straight for the tower, along with you yourself. A GREAT tactic is to use Song of the Siren near the tower, then use your images to attack the tower, it's very easy to get the tower kill this way.

IMPORTANT: Don't use Song of the Siren until enemy heroes come into sight/AoE of Song of the Siren. It is useless disabling some creeps, allowing the enemy heroes to jump you effortlessly.

The screenshots below show this being done late game (after I've required Manta Style). They aren't perfect since Jugger just used Blade Fury, but they show what I'm talking about. wink.gif

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Mirror Images - Pushing A Tower

During the first half the game you don't have much mana, so you don't want to use up your Mirror Images ability for some quick farming (you're lucky if they last a full two waves). What you have to watch for is an opportunity. If you're with allies and they're staying to get a tower, activate the images if the tower is in orange health or higher (a waste of mana if the tower is already red). If you know where enemy heroes are and by yourself, give it a try. In the below screenshot I know where the enemy are by looking at the minimap.

IPB Image

Because I have skill points in my Mirror Image ability, I have many images dealing good damage, so I end up pulling off the last hit on the tower for gold. In order to get the last hit, you might need to click you images away briefly until your creeps lower the HP a little more, then attack for the last blow. With this early gold, I'm able to finish off my Diffusal Blade easily and get a start on the Power Treads.

IPB Image

Diffusal Blade - Dominating

IPB Image

Hehe, that screenshot just worked so well. biggrin.gif Anyways, with the Diffusal Blade I think you are officially in mid game, and with this handy item you are able to take on an intelligence hero easily, and even defeat other certain heroes than are mana-relying. An example is King Leoric, who me and some allies encounter in the woods. Normally it is a difficult feat killing SK (reincarnation), but with my mana burn we have no worries about that little gravestone appearing.

IPB Image

The next screenshot seems a little confusing with all the text, but it really isn't. What I'm trying to illustrate is the fog of war factor. In that little barrier, an experienced player may try to trick you in the chase and turn around (pathing), though with Naga Siren this will not work. This is because the images in back would have a shot at him, so he can only run in the opposite direction. In this situation I was able to click ahead of him, catch up, and get in the last hit(s). If the hero has equal or higher speed to you, then you can use your purge, allowing an easy finish.

IPB Image

IPB Image

Pathing Tips

I'm not trying to being an ass by doling out general DotA knowledge. Sneaking around with images is extremely deadly for enemy heroes, since you can deal out the damage quickly and finish off heroes with easy, and they can't even react since there's "so many of you". In the below screenshots, some allies and I got into a small battle with enemy heroes. I killed one, then King Leoric decided to book it down the river. He has one safe way to go after that: up. So I went down a different path.

IPB Image

As King Leoric came up, I used my purge, attacked, and he was done. If reincarnation went off, I still had my net, then purge would be cooled by the end of that for the finish.

So what does this situation show? Proper pathing aids in outstanding surprise tactics, since the Naga Siren is an overwhelming hero with disables up the arse-hole.

Large Battles - Purging For That Last Hit

Okay, the big gain of purge is finishing a hero, and it is most useful when in large battles. I'm sure you know of how in 5v5 battles a hero can get away easily in the confusion. Well, when the enemy heroes are fleeing, you can purge one helpless straggler, allowing you and your allies to crush him back to the fountain.

IPB Image

Late Game

Manta Style - Six Nagas

With so many images, your enemies will find you a deadly adversary. You can either use one of your images ability for one hero, and your other for the next hero, or all of them at once. I usually prefer separating the two imaging abilities since your enemies could take out all of your images quick, and you'll have nothing left. In the screenshot below there is just a centaur and I have PA with me, so I just threw in all my images for a nice screenie (although I'd advise only using one image-creating ability).

IPB Image

Tactic - Images From Behind

This tactic could be done during mid game, though I use it more during late game to kick off pushes. What you do is find some vulnerable enemies in a lane (no more than 2 unless you have some allies with you). Hide on the side behind them and create your images.

IPB Image

Now move in for the kill, this is much better if you have an ally with you (Ogre Magi is with me this time). In a battle like this where there are multiple enemies, you want to target the intelligence first because of your mana burn. In this situation there was Lich and Naix, so I dealt with Lich quickly.

IPB Image

Naix attacked the Ogre Magi, seeing him more easy of a target than myself. Too late. I switched over to him, taking him out with all of my images still present.

IPB Image

Another option in that situation was to ensnare the Naix (so that he couldn't get close enough to attack you, then try to surround your images around lich and attack him. If worse comes to worse, you can always cast your ultimate and run.

Manta Style For Pushing

Now that you finally have your Manta Style, you'll be able to do serious pushing with six nagas. Even soloing towers is no problem (though as usual you should be careful).

IPB Image


You've reached the end of the guide, thanks for reading and I hope you found it useful. If you found anything unclear, it would be great if you could point it out. Milk and cookies for those that find typos. smile.gif

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