Dota 6.68b Bug | Dota 6.68b Courier and Guardian Wisp Bug

Dota 6.68b Bug is keep coming out. After the Dota 6.68b release to fix the Major bug on Techies, lots of minor abuse found. As usual, it's Kuarinofu (our old friend that always give us the latest bug, trick & abuse) who manage to find it and pour it into some videos. Without much saying,check out the Dota 6.68b bugs below:

The above bug will let you give a permanent ms boost effect using the Guardian Wisp's Tether. Just pick him, cast tether on your friend and repick ^^

This bug is once again using Guardian Wisp's Tether. I don't know if this intended, but when you Tether your friend and activate your Armlet, your friend will get the health boost from Armlet which is kind of healing him. Justcheck out the video for more details.

Well, this bug is the coolest from those three. Using the new feature from the Courier, you can transfer your items from the Hero Circle into your chicken in the blink of eye :)

I smell Dota 6.68c coming out.. ^_^

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