DotA 6.69 AI Map | DotA v6.69 AI Plus Map Download (News)

Hey Dota Addicts!, This post is related to News and updates associated with DotA 6.69 AI Map. As the DotA Lord (Developer): IceFrog has launched 6.69 with a couple of improvements to our favorite game. Now it's DotA 6.69 AI tuzrn, We hope AI map developers Harreke & PleaseBugMeNot start working on v6.69 AI soon so those players who can't play online can play DotA 6.69 Artificial Intelligence version.

This post is exclusively created for DotA 6.69 AI Map. All the news, updates and information directly from developers will be posted right on this page. 6.69 AI will probably less time once Harreke finishes Dota 6.68c AI project.

If you have anything to share, For e.g. Suggestions or bug reports. Please post a comment.

DotA 6.69
Dota 6.69 Changelogs

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