Quest Guide for DotA 6.69 Map | DotA v6.69 Hidden Side Quest Solution

Hey Dota Addicts!, Dota 6.69 Secret, Hidden Quest Guide. As IceFrog already told us that there will be a new 6.69 hidden quest which will follow the tradition. Now, The DotA 6.69 is released with secret x.9 quest in which you have to destroy the runes, kill IceFrogs to summon Phoenix boss and then kill it. You'll get a nice reward item in return.

DotA 6.69 Quest Guide:

Destroy the Runes:
To start to side quest, You need destroy the PreRune and other 2 runes found in the map.

• PreRune can be found in the middle of the map near Top rune.

• Now, Destroy both Runes. First Rune can be found near Scourge top 2nd tower and second rune can be found near Sentinel bottom first tower.

• After Destroying all the runes, Find IceFrogs and kill them.

Note: Since, IceFrogs are invisible and can not be killed by physical attacks. You need to get Gem of True Sight and Dagon.

- Here is the mini-map of IceFrog so, you can find and kill em' easily!

• Once you kill all the 9-10 IceFrogs, Phoenix boss will appear in right corner on the bottom of the map.

Kill the Phoenix:
Kill the Phoenix using Naix with 6x inventory and with -wtf mode and enjoy a nice reward item which you grant you evasion and ability to spawn illusions.

This post is dedicated for DotA 6.69 Secret Quest. This post is currently in Beta. The DoTA 6.69 Quest more screenshots, replays and videos will be added soon.

Also, If you have any other information DotA 6.69 Easter egg, please share it with us :)

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