DotA Independent Game Coming Soon?

Hey DotA Addicts!, As we all know that IceFrog has joined Valve, and has started working with them. However, There is no further information revealed so far regarding it. In IceFrog's recent Q&A Session#4 he stated that whatever he is working on along with Valve will be announced soon. Curiosity of fans are increasing and they are excited to see what is coming in near future from IceFrog.

If we look a little bit closer, It looks like there will be a new independent DotA based game with the collaboration with Valve. As, you can see below, It's a recent post made by IceFrog which will give you the idea and clear things in your mind.

What are your opinions regarding this Valve/IceFrog thingy? Do you think that will IceFrog come up with his own DotA based game or any other game with different concept. There are already some competitors out there such as, Heroes Of Newerth, League Of Legends etc.

We hope that IceFrog discloses some information about it soon!

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