Valve 'DOTA' Trademark Is Being Filed

Hey DotA Addicts!, Here comes another sign of Valve developing it's own Defense of the Ancients based game after the Jon St. John Tweet leaking the Valve DotA project. Now it's getting more clearer. Valve corporation has just applied Trademark for word 'DOTA'. It looks like IceFrog & Valve are very serious with their DotA project and they don't want any copyright/legal issues.

Here is the Valve 'DOTA' Trademark on USPTO:

Mark : 'DOTA'
Applicant on Record: Valve Corporation

Valve Corporation
10500 NE 8th St Ste 1000
Bellevue, WA 980044359
United States
Legal Entity Type: Corporation
State or Country of Incorporation: Washington
Phone Number: 509.241.1502
Fax Number: 509.232.2112

Date applied: August 10 2010

International Class: 009
Class Status: Active
Computer game software; Electronic game software; Video game software

Let's see if Valve gets Trademark for 'DOTA'. In my opinion it will be hard for Valve to pick up existing public domain material and trademarking it. DotA is the product developed by Euls, Guinsoo, IceFrog and by the help of community suggestions. Also, Valve has to make sure if the are putting content with Blizzard's Warcraft III Trademark on their DotA based game.

Things are getting really interesting in DotA Genre games, what about Heroes Of Newerth, League, Bloodline Champions, Demigod etc. Are they taking note?

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