DotA 6.69 Will Be Released Soon

Hey DotA Addicts! At last, IceFrog has blogged the final update of DotA 6.69 map to notify the DotA fans that new patch is about to release soon. The DotA 6.69 is focused to provide balance and gameplay improvements, he added. Also, it was already mentioned that this map will contain a traditional quest and a new loadscreen. Check, what he said in his own words:

Last update: DotA 6.69 released!

6.69 Status - IceFrog Blog:

The update is nearing completion. It took a little longer than anticipated, but it should be ready soon. The primary focus of this patch is to provide overall balance and gameplay improvements, while the follow-up content for 6.70 is still being developed. Of course you can still expect the traditional .x9 quest to be included!

I plan to release this within a week or two to provide some time before the start of some big tournaments in the following months.
This is very exciting news, Let's see what Quest IceFrog hides in DotA 6.69. Anyway, you can find DotA 6.69 Secret Quest guide here on DotA-Utilities right after map release. So, keep your fingers crossed!

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